Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Your Favorite Piece of Music to Use When Writing?

Writers get asked a lot, do you listen to music when you write? If so, do you use it to inspire your writing? Answering this question today, among others, in an interview on Leslie Ann Sartor's My Story, My Way ~ An Indie Adventure blog.

Hint: Yes, I do use music, mostly movie soundtracks. Whenever I start writing a new book, scene, or story, I'll cruise through YouTube, hunting for the perfect "sound" to match my vision for what I'm writing. Today, I'm working on the rewrite/expansion of Spell Touched (Breens Mist Witches) and have been listening to Florence and the Machine's Seven Devils, one of the few times I choose a piece of music with vocals.

I also love Enya's music and have a tendency to choose those of her songs that others have found inspiration in, as well. I've never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies, nor read Tolkein's novels (his writing style puts me off for some reason), but those are the ones I tend to pick, too, Aniron and May It Be, among them. Hard to think of an Enya song that doesn't have a romantic spirit to it.

So writers, do you listen to music when you write? If you do, what's your go-to "theme song" to wake your creative muse?


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