Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winner & Two Runners Up Chosen in Wild Roses Blog Tour

The winner of August's Wild Roses Blog Tour prize basket...drum roll, please as Lisa Dawn, Marketing Director for The Wild Rose Press draws a name, is...

Judy Croome!

Your prizes include 10 books from The Wild Rose Press authors, the right to name the hero in Rae Summers' next book, and a web banner created by yours truly.

In addition, I have great news. Lisa has provided prizes for two runner-ups. A $10 Wild Rose Press gift certificate (good at www.TheWildRosePress.com) goes to:

Rebecca Booth

A $10 Wilder Rose Press gift certificate (good at www.thewilderroses.com) is awarded to:

Shelley Munro

Congratulations Judy, Rebecca, and Shelley! Enjoy your prizes, and thank you The Wild Rose Press for the unexpected surprises.


  1. Yay! Thank you so much.

    shelleymunro AT gmail Dot com

  2. You're welcome Shelley! Have fun picking out books with your gift certificate!

  3. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! What a great way to wake up - discovering some great reads in my inbox. :) I'm so excited!! Thanks so much! I'll contact you via your in box to discuss the web banner. This is a lovely way to start spring! :)


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