Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fellow Authors! Promo Opportunity – Two Promos in One

This cross between a newsletter builder and a Facebook hop will gain you subscribers via the mega giveaway running April 2-24, PLUS Facebook likes and social media follows during the hop, which runs from April 21-24.

•••• Link to google sign up form at bottom of post••••

Just like other list builder promos, the grand prizes for the mega giveaway are gift cards. The twist is that during the hop part of the event, every author must offer a $5 minimum gift card as a prize on their FB page, hence the title Mega Gift Card Facebook Hop. The number of authors participating determines the number of gift cards available for readers to win—plus the grand prize gift cards, of course—so if there are 35 authors, that’s 35+ gift cards up for grabs. 100 authors would mean 100+ chances for readers to win.

Entries to the grand prize giveaway are earned by people signing up for your newsletter from April 2-24. We're doing this two ways, a general email list collected from everyone who enters the giveaway (which you can choose to use or not use), plus individual bonus entries where readers are sent directly to your email sign up web page, so you have full control.

During the hop portion of this promo, visitors will need to Like your FB page, comment below your post, and follow you on your choice of one social media (i.e Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, etc.), to have a chance at winning the gift card you offer as an individual prize.

Cost: $25, which includes your contribution to grand prizes and FB ads, plus the minimum $5 gift card you'll offer on your FB page.

Event info page:

Google sign-up form: